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    At Jec Metal Roofing LLC, we are known for bringing the best solutions
    even to the most significant problems.
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  • Trust In Our Services.
    Your Roof Needs Us.
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Welcome To
Jec Metal Roofing LLC

Are you sure your roofing can stand against anything? If you’re worried your roofing might give out on you any day then we are here to help you fix that uncertainty. Start by saying goodbye to all inexperienced technicians, poor results, and limited services.

Let your worries go because, at Jec Metal Roofing LLC, we are known for bringing the best solutions even to the most significant problems. No more struggles or worries because we bring excellence and quality to your property’s roofing.

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Wendell, NC 27591

Since our founding in Wendell, North Carolina, it has been our mission and priority for over more than 8 years to become the number one roofing company our clients and community can rely on.

Built To Last Forever.

Our Services

Start by choosing what roofing material suits your property the best. Our metal roofing is highly requested due to all of the benefits it has such as its longevity, durability, safety, energy efficiency, environmental friendly, and so much more.

Choosing quality roofing is difficult; however, with us, you’ll see the difference. Through our copper roofing services, you’ll see why our roofing stands against anything. Copper is filled with benefits such as its resistance to rainfall, hail, mildew, and more.

Shingles are the perfect match for your home if you’re looking for affordability, effectiveness, easy installation, and different colors or styles according to your personal preference, then what are you waiting for to acquire our services today for your property?

Quality is what you need which is why we offer our EPDM roofing services. Are you looking for roofing that is affordable, cost-effective, long-lasting, durability, easy installation, and more? If so, then acquire our EPDM roofing services today!

At JEC Metal Roofing LLC, we offer a variety of services for you to choose from. Through our metal panel services, you'll discover all of the benefits and advantages that come with incorporating metal panels into your property; such as the variety of looks it offers, its resistance to fire, it helps to keep water away, it reduces energy bills, lasts for decades, and so much more. Acquire services that you can rely on at all times!
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Trust In Our Services.